Daily Specials

Wednesday Specials


Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes $10



50 Cent Wings

Dine-In Only, Same Flavor, Minimum Order 8


Crawfish and Corn Soup (no cream)

$4 Cup/ $7 Bowl


Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

$4 Cup/ $7 Bowl




Appetizer– Fried Alligator with Remoulade $8

Appetizer–Fried Green Tomatoes with Crawfish Ravigote $6




Shrimp Salad on Texas Toast $7

 Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo



Fried Catfish Po-boy $10

Tartar, Lettuce, Tomato



Buffalo Oyster Po-boy $12

Topped with Cole Slaw



Chicken Cordon Bleu on Bun $10

Ham, Swiss, Spicy Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato


12 oz Choice NY Strip $24

Potatoes and Veggies



Fried Catfish Meuniere Almondine $12